Marcel in Black&White

Marcel by ParagonMen in April 2013

Marcel returns to ParagonMen

Marcel Hans Rodriguez by Hans Fahrmeyer

Marcel's ParagonMen photo shoot 2010

Marcel on the cover of Men's Exercise

Marcel was the cover model of the September 2009 issue of the fitness magazine Men's Exercise. Photography of John Falocco and Hans Fahrmeyer.

Marcel's Mug Shots

VIDEOCLIP: Young Marcel Washing The Window

Young Marcel washing the window .... and himself in AbsoluteMuscle's VistaVideo clip.

Young Marcel for TeenMuscleVideo

Young Marcel for C.M.Soto

All about Marcel "Hans" Rodriguez

Name: Marcel Rodriguez
Known as: Marcel, Marcel from Vistavideo, Marcel Hans Rodriguez, Marcell, Marcell Duran, Marcel Duran Rodriguez, M ROD
Occupation: underwear, fitness, nude model
Birth date: September 7, 1982
Origin: born in 1982 as "Marcel Rodriguez" in Cuba. As children, his family emigrated to USA.
Location: Miami, Florida
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight: 191 lbs  (86 kg)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Siblings: Older brother Yinay Rodriguez
Honors: Paragon MAN OF THE YEAR 2011
Notable work: Vistavideo, Teen Muscle Videos, AbsoluteMuscle, Men's Exercise, ParagonMen, John Falocco, Hans Fahrmeyer, Dimi Dimitriades, Score Underwear
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